Balcony products

Create privacy and shelter

Specifications Flex frame

  • The Flex frame is sold seperately
  • Can be comined with every Coolfit roller blind
  • Made of powdercoated aluminum in the color grey
  • The poles can be adjusted in height and are clamped between floor and ceiling
  • Mounting without drilling!
  • Maximum height ca. 3 metres
  • With the optional connection piece, multiple frames can be connected

In addition to the Coolfit roller blind, Nesling introduces a Balcony awning flex frame.

With this frame you can easily turn any Coolfit Roller blind into an awning.  
The poles of the flex frame are clamped between floor and ceiling, so no drilling needed! 

Available in 2017!




Specifications Balcony shade

  • Made of 285gr/m2 woven polyester
  • 500 cm long and 80 cm high
  • Very 50cm a stainless steel eyelet for mounting
  • The shade can be woven through the balcony railing or hung on the inside
  • Available in 3 colors

Besides the Balcony awning flex frame, Nesling also provides a balcony shade.

With the balcony shade extra privacy can be created. Gives every balcony a great look!  

Overview Flex frame

Productnumber Description  
N100-021-100 Balcony awning, flex frame  
N100-021-101 Balcony awning, connection piece  

Overview Balcony shade

Productnumber Size Color
N101-082-500 Balcony shade 80 x 500cm       Sand
N106-082-500 Balcony shade 80 x 500cm       Grey
N108-082-500 Balcony shade 80 x 500cm       Off white